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Make Your Own Invitations

So, I completely understand and encourage folks to design and make their own invitations. However, when it comes to something that you’ll need to produce on a grand scale, like a wedding invitation, let us do the heavy lifting.

A case in point is Anne’s wedding invitation. She designed her own wedding invitation but the printing of the invite was causing her to pull out her hair! So, fast forward and Casa Papel was asked to print her invitations. The following are a couple of photos of the final product that Anne took and sent to us. You can read her full story on the very nice Yelp review she gave us.

Best wishes to you, Anne and Christopher! We are glad we helped you out of your jam.

*Interesting Tidbit:
Digital flat black/white printing: Anne designed the invite and we printed on watercolor paper. Anne then tore each card based on the crop marks we printed and water-colored each set! Nicely done! Another happy DIY (do-it-yourself) bride!

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